Pollo Resort

A Message From James & Kenda

As any of the regular users to the Pollo forum will have noticed that in recent months it has been very touch and go. I have been fighting one hacker after another but it came to a head recently when the site was compromised and all files were compromised. The only way to fight off this attack was to delete the site and the forum.

It with great disappointment that I have decided that the time has come that I am taking the site off. If any of the regular users of the forum would like to resurrect it (I have the necessary files backed up) I will let you have this domain free and give you enough training to get you up and going.

This year has and is going to be an eventful year for Kenda and I. We are expecting another child, due in August so we are not sure if we will be out this year, but there will be a new member to the pool in 2016

Email me (James) at info@polloresort.co.uk if you want to take up this task (I do not regularly check this email, but will get back to you soon)